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Monday, 11 July 2011

Today was my appointment again with Dr. Klancnik of West Coast Psychological(WCP) services in Vancouver where I did several tests ranging from Memory, Math, History and everything else under the Sun. I was schedule to do another day of tests tomorrow but I managed to get them all done today, so I'm off tomorrow.  We should get his report in about 30 days.  I went to Panago Pizza for lunch and as I was waiting for Joyce to come and get me, I went to The Elizabeth Bagshaw Women's Clinic a couple of blocks down west Broadway to say Hi to some friends as I went there often working with Dr. Romalis,  I saw Alex and a few more and they were all aware of my plane crash, as Dr. Romalis had told them.  I met Joyce Kanang next to the Sony Store and we went home to Langley, BC
Below is the website that I originally created for the clinic

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