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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Friend Serge Losier came to get me

My good friend Serge Losier(Mr. Guerre) came to get me and we went to my favourite restaurant Dixie Lee Fried Chicken and I had my usual and we chatted about old days, we were roommates on a Ranch in Tracadie before I moved to Vancouver  His whole family is like my second family, I call his mom, Maman Losier, his older brother Jean-Luc joined the Canadian Forces with me and also worked with me and Hector Boudreau at Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie, and we played trumpet in the 791 Air Cadets band with Pierre Lavoie, Daniel Losier and many more.  Jean-Luc now works for Federal Corrections at Renous Maximum Security Prison.  Their brother Robert(Pipo) Losier is a dentist in Tracadie-Sheila, and my Cousin Denis Forest was his Oral Surgery professor at McGill University, small World.  Their sister, the beautiful Marie-Josée(Dou Dou) Losier lives in Newfoundland now I haven't seen Dou Dou in a while.

Serge(Mr. Guerre) Losier

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