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Monday, 25 July 2011

Happy Birthday - Dou Dou - Bonne Fêtes

The Beautiful Marie-Josée(Dou Dou) Losier

I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday in French Bonne Fêtes  to a very good friend who’s like a little sister to me Marie-Josée Losier I’ve been calling her Dou Dou since we were kids.  Their whole family is like my second family I call her mom “Maman Losier” when I played Hockey in the PeeWee’s with her brothers, Maman Losier got me all my hockey equipment, skates and everything.  Her older brother Jean-Luc joined the Canadian Forces with me and also worked with me at Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie, NB.  Her other brother Serge(Mr. Guerre) Losier was room mate with me when I lived on a ranch in Tracadie, NB.  Her third brother Robert(Pipo) Losier is a Successful Dentist in Tracadie-Sheila, NB his wife is also a dentist and their daughter is going to University to be a dentist like her Mom & Dad and Grand Father Guy, Pipo’s Dad, that was also a dentist in Tracadie, NB.  Dou Dou now lives in Newfoundland with her kids and his engaged to Dr. Chokk the Producer of all music by  Jamdoggz  I wish her a great birthday and future,  I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

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