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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday visiting some friends

Today my Niece and God Daughter Katie Forest drove me around so I could visit some friends,  She first drove me to Paquetville, NB in Rang St-George where my friend Réjean Doiron lives, Réjean was not home, so I walked to his father's place next door and saw his father and mother.  They all look great and their daughter Réjeanne Hébert was there also  I apparently just missed their daughter Lise that I was engaged to be married to, as she had just visited her parents earlier.  It's too bad I would of liked to see Lise once while I was in New Brunswick.
 From L to R, Réjeanne Hébert-Doiron, Nicholas Doiron
Mrs Nicholas Doiron, Lise's mother
 Michelle Losier-Robichaud that owns and runs Saveurs de Michelle bakery next to her paternal home.  Michelle gave me a nice Sugar pie and I had a piece as soon as I got home, it was delicious
Lucille Losier-Belzil, Michelle's sister, Lucille was my Ballroom dancing partner in the Rumba that my friend Gilles Beaulieu was teaching in Tracadie, NB
Lucille's husband, Dr. Yves Belzil, Lucille and Yves have three, tall like their dad, beautiful daughters in Blainville Québec
Donald Boudreau at his home in Tracadie-Sheila, NB,  Donald was running Motel Boudreau for many years, now him and his wife are both Lawyers in Tracadie-Sheila.  Donald is Hector Boudreau's brother that I worked for at Enseigne Luminex Signs in Tracadie, NB before I moved to Vancouver, BC

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