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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ricki Bobby and Paul Wüst are now officially Married

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It was a beautiful ceremony at Pacific Skydivers DZ in Pitt Meadows, BC.  It started the reception with  Paul Wüst doing a solo skydive to start the ceremony and he landed beautifully next to the Arch.  Then we saw Ricki Bobby in her beautiful wedding gown approach the arch with her father and stole the show, where they met and the Wedding Commissioner started the ceremony.  It took barely 30 minutes and we had Mr & Mrs Wüst.  Then we moved to Hanger 11 that had been transformed into a reception hall and we had a Nice BBQ Steak, Chicken, Baked Potatoes and veggies with lots of Red and White wine plus a Keg of Beer, thanks to Doug Walchuk of Sleeman Breweries Ltd.  Thanks to Ian & Debbie Flanagan of Pacific Skydivers for the use of their facilities.

 Beautiful little Noah the 11 weeks son of Sandra Dussault and Vlady Rincon, he's cute and charming I see a future skydiver in his eyes.  It didn't take long for Margie,  John Hardy's wife to grab him

Paul Wüst came and started the ceremony with a Solo Skydive  and landed gracefully not far from the Arch

 The Beautiful Bride came with her dad and stole the show

 They exchanged vows and rings

 They kissed and kissed and by the  way they were going we'll see a Little Wüst Kid in 9 months
and kissed
and kissed again

The official signatures

 The official signatures

They kissed,
and kissed again

She Won't need a Plan B