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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More Exciting News! - Avigilon Corporation Opens the TSX

As a Co-Founder and Director of Security Solutions, I have always been proud of our employees and company,  When we announced that we were in the top 5 Companies in Canada I was happy, Now I'm estatic, we were ranked the number one fastest growing software company in North America
2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award – On October 19, 2011, Avigilon was ranked the number one fastest growing software company in North America and fourth out of the top 500 overall fastest technology companies according to Deloitte ahead of such companies as:
Avigilon – 1st Fastest Software & 4th Overall
LinkedIn - 49th
Google - 425th
To read more about Avigilon’s Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award please click this link below:

Our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes opens trading on the TSX a day after my 50th Birthday, so proud.

Avigilon Made in Canada Series, I work in that exact building and I love it.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday February 28 - The greatest Birthday Surprise

Had a great diner planned, I was going for my 50th Birthday diner at my Skydiving friend Dave Davison in Port Moody and he's a great chef. Greg Chopiuk came and got me with his wife Shona so I wouldn't have to drive as we were driving there, Greg told me that he just had to stop by Ian & Debbie place(DZ Owner) to pick up a parachute rig he had fixed. We got to Ian's place I was going to stay in the car but Greg told me that I should also come in to say Hi, it would be Rude to stay in the car,  I said OK,  he said go ahead as he was helping his pregnant wife Shona get out of the car, I rang the doorbell and it was open by none other than my Brother Emile that had came from Regina, Sk just for the surprise party and believe me I was very surprised and pleased, Ian cook a great steak on the BBQ, Debbie made my favourite Bacon wrapped scallops \. Even Beryl and Mike Garing from Connect Re-Hab in Langley was there,  and lots and lots of skydiving friends, it was the best surprise party ever, Emile is staying until Friday and I won't go to work tomorrow. I'll spend it with my Bro. Great way to turn half a century 50,  I'll to work Friday around 11AM as Emile is leaving in the morning and I can stay later til 8PM if needed.   I just got home and I'm still shocked at my Bro being here,  great night I'm super pleased.  
Here are some photos taken with a digital camera which is good,  iPhone4 and iPad 2, not the greatest but it works

Received the above one from Gord Allan

Received the above 2 photos from Beryl Morel from Connect Community Re-Hab

Above is my skydiving friend Taras Kostyuk who also an actor, he gave me a photo of himself dressed as a Sasquatch in one of his recent movies.

Taras Kostyuk in his costume as the Sasquatch

Here's the short video below, Thanks everyone

Above YouTube Video  shot by Mike Garing of Connect Community Re-Hab with his iPhone