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Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Few Certificates

I found a bunch of certificates at my apartment  from the Air Cadets, my time in the Canadian Forces and at Intercon Security.  I still have quite a few more, but they are still in Frames, maybe later.  Here's a small look,  I wanted to scan them so I would have a digital copy on file.

 Above 2 is  a Folder to hold Certificates from C.F.S.I.S.

Cadet Services

Cadet Electronic Course, CFB Borden, Ontario

    Heart Foundation Certificate

      Tae Kwon Do

      Canadian Forces Oath of Allegiance

      Canadian Forces(CF) Basic Recruit Course - Top Honors

      Field Engineer 041 TQ-3 Course CFB Chilliwack, BC

      CF Basic Para Course

      Combat Engineer 041 TQ-5
         Military Police TQ-5
        My Military Police TQ-5 (Franco) course in 1987 photo I'm in the second row third guy from left

        My Military Police TQ-3 in 1985 course photo

        MP(Military Police) SIU(Special Investigation Unit) 7K Surveillance Course
        SIU 7K course report

         SSF(Special Service Forces) Unarmed Combat Instructor Course

        SSF(Special Service Forces) Ironman Competition Certificate
        28 May 1984

        Tribar Industries Muni-Quip Police RADAR Certificate

        2 MP PL Airborne Section Certificate

        I wore my MP Hat, but it didn't keep me warm at all.

        C.H.O.G.M.(Commonwealth Head Of Government Meeting) 1987
        Photo Op with the Base Commander at CFB Chatam giving me the C.H.O.G.M. Certificate
        Letter from Lieutenant Colonel H.F Elliott for Commander of Pacific Region thanking me for working particularly hard at CHOGM assisting the RCMP

        Getting assigned to Master Corporal(MCpl) in CFB Chatam, NB
        Canadian Forces Certificate of Service

        ASIS(American Society for Industrial Security) CPP (Certified Protection Professional) Certificate

        Letter from the Chairman of ASIS Chapter 190 Dave Tyson, CPP thanking me for giving a presentation on CCTV with Don Douglas President of Source AV a CCTV Distributer

        LSI(Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation) SCAN(Scientific Content Analysis) or statement analysis Certificate

        Photo of KGB(Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti) interview room of an inquest in Leningrad, USSR given to the students of LSI SCAN course if passing by Avinoam Sapir a former Israeli Mossad who came up with the course.

        LSI Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation Inc. Website

        LEVA Annual Conference 2001

        LEVA Certificate

        LEVA Photoshop for Forensics

        LEVA Video & Law Seminar

        IACP(International Association of Chiefs of Police) Certificate of Attendance

        BCIT Internet For Investigations

        Letter from the JIBC(Justice Institute of BC) thanking me for participating in the Crime Scene to Courtroom: The Role of the Forensic Laboratory seminar in 2001

        University of British Columbia(UBC) Information Security for Technical Professional Certificate
        Manager Alcohol & Drug Awareness Certificate

        PIABC(Private Investigator's Association of BC) Visual Evidence

        Letter from Dr. G. Romalis
        Letter from Intercon Security President Brian Legge

        Article in TOPICS the Association of Legal Administrators(ALA) newsletter mentioning me.

        French article in the BC french paper "Le Soleil" about being a Private Investigator

        Not a good photo of me preventing a trespasser from gaining entry to one of Intercon Security Client's property, after not understanding the word NO ENTRY I grabbed him by the throat,  he then understood I was serious.  It had to appear in the Chinese paper, not a big deal

        Artwork that I designed in Photoshop for the Private Investigators Association of British Columbia(PIABC) "Introduction to Private Investigations Series 1 Manual(2nd edition)"
        Autographed photo of former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy leaving the White House on board Marine One in Washington, DC

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        1. Jean-Pierre
          My name is Eduardo, a fellow security professional from Nicaragua, Central America. Congratulations on a very impressive CV. I am currently in the process of studying for my CPP from ASIS and I heard from others that I have to study in groups, than it is but impossible to go thru the entire thing alone. Any word of advice on how to prepare for the exam? Thank you and stay safe!
          My email is}

          Eduardo Bermudez
          Nicaragua Central America.