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Friday, 8 July 2011

New Sony Camera

Well I had to do it. My Sony DCR-PC9 Mini DV cassette camcorder was on the blitz so I brought it to the Sony repair centre in Port Coquitlam and I asked them for an estimate to repair it. The guy told me that it would cost $650.00 just to get the estimate plus the cost of repairs, so I told him to forget it and I would buy a new one instead. About a week ago I bought a new HDRCX700V  High Definition(HD) camera on the Canadian Sony website and it looks great. It's a Full HD 96GB Flash Memory Camcorder, so no more cassette to load which took 1 hour for a 1 hour tape, With a flash memory camcorder you only have to transfer the file, that's it. It's already been shipped here and I should get it before I go to New Brunswick
Sony DCR-PC9

Sony HDRCX700V

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