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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Good Day today, My Cousin and Friend Visit me at the House

Today was a good day,  My good friend André Savoie that taught me how to drive in his Ford Cougar on the Tracadie Army Range when I was young came to get me and we went for a drive around Tracadie and stopped by the Quay but Both Robert Wade's boat were gone but his yellow convertible was there.  When I got back home my Cousin Victor Forest and his wife Pierette was home, they came from St-Alphonse de Caplan, Québec.

 André Savoie
Pierette & Victor Forest
Victor, Aunt Noella, Pierette when they got married 12 July 1980

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  1. Do you know if this Victor is from Sherbrooke Que, and if he was in the army at Gagetown NB in 1958?
    If so some family might be looking for him. Please contact me, Carol at, Thank you