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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Good start of the Weekend

Worked a great Friday, went to my favourite Quiznos had me regular lunch,  as Michael Coss called me to postpone our "Ballet" night, I worked an extra 2 hours so I could finish what I started, feels better to complete what you start.  Went home Fed Kurbitten, I love driving my Honda, they did a great Job,  the rental car had a Bluetooth device for your cell phone that was incorporated in the Radio, went to Vancouver Honda to see if they had similar.  They told me that Honda doesn't sell aftermarket but Best Buy does and I can choose anyone I like.  Took a drive to Best Buy on Cambie and bought  "Supertooth buddy" which just clips on the visor and connects to the iPhone, pretty cool device for less than $100.  Now in BC, your not allowed to Drive with a regular cell phone with no hands free, Now I can,  I'm trying to figure out how to program my voice as it doesn't seem to recognize it that well, maybe my french accent is thicker than I thought.  Went to the Gym with Alan Tam, had a good work out, did a trip to Annacis Lock-up and put another box in storage, not much room left in there, but I'll manage.  Have a great night.

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