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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

All is Quiet on the Western Front

All my Friends have left,  Yesterday Mandy left with her  beautiful daughter Kelema as she had to urgently return to one of her clinics,  I would have loved to see them again, this morning my good friend CSM(Ret) Gary Baura & his wife Liz departed for the Seattle area I think, it was great seeing them.  Later this morning I'm going to my Accountant in Langley to pick up my taxes and settle with them.  I'll probably visit some Re-Hab friends at the same time.  I got a couple of good videos from my former Engineer TQ-3 instructor Jean-Yves Vermette still in the services now with the RCMP as a post Blast Consultant/investigator at the Bomb Data Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Here's couple of videos he sent me.

Being a Bomb Tech, you have to be cool under pressure

Teaching in Portugal

Teaching in Egypt

Teaching in the good Ol US of A

Texting in the USA

Don't Mess with Texas Teachers

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