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Sunday, 1 April 2012

1994 Good year protecting Donny Osmond

I had another  entry on this BLOG with Donny Osmond but for some reason I cannot Edit it or add to it.  I found more things to add and I thought I would make another entry.  When I went throughout my things at my old apartment, I found a Poster of "Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat" with autographs of all the crew and Donny Osmond.
Above in the Red Square is what Donny Osmond signed to me, to make it easier I transcribed it Red below:

J.P. – By working with me you can now add the following to your résumé:

1.     Luggage & Box carrier
2.     Sandwich & Salad waiter
3.     Coin Wrapper
4.     Parachute Jumping Trainer
5.     Bungy Maniac
6.     Airline Reservations
7.     Driver
8.     Bird Watcher
9.     Tanning arranger
10. Fills Humidifier
11. Movie Marathoner
12. Took care of my altered clothes
13. Can keep up with a bicycle on Roller Blades
14. Computer Teacher
15. Can take care of Fans who are irate
16. Arrange for Dr. Appointments
17. Make fun of People’s Racket ball playing
18. A great friend…and much, much more.
Oh Yeah, Didn’t you do Security Too…
Donny Osmond

Also I found the Canadian Forces Magazine "Sentinel"  Jan 1994 where the article on Donny Osmond appeared below:

Ironically in this exact same Magazine on Page 28 there is an article about our Cousin Sgt. Mario Forest where he crawled under sniper fire in Sarajevo to save a wounded woman and later crawled again 5 meters to a second woman to save her.  He received the Bravery Medal for the July 1992 Rescue.  What can I say,  Proud to be a Forest.

I also found another picture of Donny Osmond with the Airborne Rigger T-Shirt he received.

My turn to jump out of the Mock Tower
Donny & Me after our jump from the Mock Tower

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