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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Great Diner Thanks CSM(Ret) Gary Baura & his wife Liz

The Keg Thurlow Restaurant
Last night I had great visit, My Good Friend CSM(Ret) Gary Baura and his wife Liz from Florida came by my place and treated me to a great diner at The Keg Restaurant on Thurlow St in Vancouver,  we ate very well and we're stuff.  Tomorrow I'll take them to our Manufacturing plant where I work and give them a good tour.  Liz & Gary met Kurbitten and surprisingy she wasn't sleeping, here's a few photos, Good night.
Gary & me
Liz & Gary
Gary, Liz & Me

Today we went to Stanley Park and Gary & Liz treated me to Lunch at the Harbour Centre Revolving restaurant,  Gary also gave me a 7th SF Airborne coin and I added it to my coin collection, it's on my BLOG the photo below was taken with my iPad2 at Stanley Park Prospect Point.

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