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Sunday, 8 April 2012

CFB Chilliwack, BC a few years ago

These are some of the negatives that I had done as JPG files, now I can put them on my BLOG.  Here are some photos when my brother Emile came to BC with his son Jason in 1998 I think and we went to CFB Chilliwack and saw several people and saw a MGB(Medium Girder Bridge) being built by some engineers, I was going to say 1 CER, but I see some maroon berets so some must have been airborne, from CFB Petawawa, Ontario or CFB Edmonton, Alberta.  Enjoy I did.

I recognize someone, I was his driver when he was my MWO at 2 CER 2Tp in CFB Petawawa, Tom Walton now lives in Chilliwack, BC.  Airborne, Chimo

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