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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Busy day for a Day Off - Wed 11 April 2012

Started this morning, I dropped my car off at Blue Chip Collision where there going to repair the grill and a small mark on the hood, created by those tube type road divider that I hit pretty fast and it came back and hit the grill & hood they told me that it'll only cost a couple "C" notes.  I got a replacement car, a Hyundai Elantra bronze in colour, I returned home and did some DVD's for Tania Percy at Orion,  I changed the background which was a special effect of out of focus that I didn't like,  I dropped them off at Orion Health office and I had a little craving for some Earl's chicken wings next to Swiss Chalets not far from Tania's office,  I dropped off the DVD's at reception  Tania wasn't there so I went to Earl's and had some nice wings and fries, the thin ones.  That was great.  Went back home and I still had a picture frame that was in parts it use to have my nice Paradrop picture of Earlton, Ontario.  I was missing some screws to hold the corner braces, so I looked on-line and found one not far from me on West Broadway,  I went there and explained that I needed some screws(2-3) for my frame which is about 15-20 years old,  The guy goes back and gives me a bag with 4 corners and screws and everything needed and said it was on the house, he didn't charge me a penny,  that was nice of him.  The place is called Framehouse Boutique, there just at 45 West Broadway, about a Km from my place,  I thought I would give them a Plug, below is there website.

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