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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A great day after all Wednesday 18 April 2012

Well,  I dropped my Tax information to my accountant Ken Bulthuis at Grant Thornton LLP in Langley and also gave him  a brochure of our cameras and software, never know when they'll need the best security Surveillance system available.  Drop by Jan's Place check on the mail,  I did get one thing from Mint Canada but I already change my address with them so it should be it.  Stopped by South House to see my Good friend Michael Coss but he wasn't there he was at PRDA, so I took a little drive there saw him, and got my little hug from Beryl,  Michael was being interviewed by TV cameras so it was a quick visit,  I still had to sign a waiver allowing them to include me on the segment.  I returned home and Debbie Flanagan the DZ Manager came to get me with the Van and we went to Superstore and I picked up my BBQ,  it's pretty well all in pieces in my living room,  little project for the next few days, also got a nice shelf at Home Depot for the bathroom and my lovely Godson Anthony from Florida got his first page and I'm one of his friends, that is so cool.  Off to work tomorrow, gotta go make a sandwich.

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