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Monday, 9 April 2012

Not a Bad Day off Monday 9 April 2012

This morning I knew I had a lunch at my old Re-Hab place in Langley, BC at Jan's Place(JP)  Joyce Kanang had invited me and I called her I was on my way but had to stop at Orion Health in Burnaby to drop off the DVD I had made of DCAT(Doll Chair Assembly Test)  I got there and I was going to joke with the receptionist that I was now there for the Doll House Assembly Test so the Doll has a place to stay.  There was a guy  inside and he came to the door and told me Tania was not there but he will put the DVD on her desk.  Sounds good to me she should get a good chuckle of it.  I went to Jan's Place and had a fabulous Turkey lunch  with trimmings I like, gravy & potatoes, don't need veggies, that's what animals eat and I eat the animals:-) While at Jan's Place I confirmed my appointment with Blue Chip Cillision for wednesday morning to fix the front grill and touch up the hood where the road divider hit.   I went back home to Vancouver and looked on-line for a recycling place that would take old CRT Monitors.  I found one called E.R.A. on east 69th, drove there and dropped off my old CRT Monitor that had been in my Trunk for a while.  Much nicer now.  Back to work tomorrow, should be good.

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