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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Day did my tests at Orion Health in Burnaby

Today was not a bad day,  I met Tania Percy at her office and did various tests so they can assess me,  I think I did all right and I didn't even study:-) We agreed that I don't need to e-mail every time I take my meds now, sound good to me.   After I went to Swiss Chalet for late lunch, you can't go wrong there.  I got home and noticed that I still had some old VHS tapes that I wanted to look at.  I drove to Annacis Lock-up to check my locker cause I have like 5 of them, when I open the door, I realized that the VCR's were one of the first things packed and is at the bottom and back of all my stuff, There's no way I'm moving that again.  Went back to London Drugs and dropped some more negatives and slides to convert to JPG.  While there I looked at buying another VHS tape player, they only had one with the VHS and DVD player/recorder for $200.  Not expensive but the lady told me they they were all out of the simple DVD players and suggested that I look on-line like Craigslist, good idea.  Went home and checked on craigslist and there was one for sale for $25. around Lougheed mall.  I contacted him and he said anytime is good, he still had it.  I drove to his apartment and he met me outside with the VCR and remote.  Drove home and watched some old VHS tapes, it was awesome it still had good video.  I have some good friends wedding in there, One was a Military Police  Woman with me in CFB Chatam, NB,  I'll digitize the video and make DVD's for her, because VHS taped normally last 20-25 years at most and DVD's can last over 100 years.  Also there is a short video of when I worked at Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie, NB.  I had made a demo video of an electric sign and I video all the process from the Design on the computer, showing the plans to the workers, then cutting the metal, wiring the sign and painting the face.  I even have some wedding video I did of some friends that are now divorced, I won't make DVD of those, they don't need a fourth ring, because I was told a Wedding is like a Three Ring Circus, First the Engagement Ring, second the Wedding Ring, and third the Suffer-Ring, forth would be Excruciate-Ring :-)  Made sandwiches for tomorrow, Kurbitten will Guard the apartment like a vicious Cat, be warned:-)  Good Night.

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