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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday March 11th 2012 - Great Baby Shower for Baby Chopiuk

Great afternoon today, went for a nice lunch at my friends Greg & Shona Chopiuk in Vancouver as Shona is expecting their first child.  Had a great Lasagna that Greg made just like I like it with lost of meat,  they also made Hot chicken wings which were really good.  Met a lot of skydiving and non-skydiving friends.  When Greg worked as a Bio-Chemist in San Diego they were one of our first Avigilon Clients so the Lab is very well protected.  Here's a few pictures I took.  Met Greg & Shona's cat "Koo"  show him a picture of Kurbitten on my iPad and he appeared very interested in the photo.  Unfortunately when I showed Koo on my iPad to Kurbitten, she basically yawn and went back to sleep. Oh well maybe if they met in real life it would be different.


 Andreas Tize and his daughter Jayla she was born on a great day, my Birthday,  Mom Kendra on the bottom right, they both came to see me in Re-Hab in Langley before

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