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Friday, 30 March 2012

TGIF Another busy day moving and all Mar 30th 2012

Today was a busy day.  First thing this morning I drop a load to Annacis Lock-up, then went to my old apartment in Pitt Meadows and loaded some more things and took my nice IKEA shelves that I had installed on the wall.  I had an appointment to see Dr.Waiz later in the PM so I stopped by Jan's Place where they had a memorial luncheon for my former room mate Alan Holmans who recently Passed away from Pneumonia,  it was a good luncheon,a bit sad as he was still a young man.  Went to see Dr.Waiz and he renewed my prescription and I gave him one of our recent Avigilon Brochure with DVD so he can see how were doing and maybe peek some interest in good surveillance in case he needs it, always trying to sell.  Stopped by Home Hardware on the way back and got a PLUG for my Pro-Lite sign, fixed it when I got home and picked up a week supply of meds until early next week when the rest will be ready in the plastic seal bag like the one I really like.  Also installed my office desk plastic mat that I had in the trunk of my car.  Overall it was a good day,  I've got a few more things at my old apartment and should be finish tomorrow afternoon,  I still have it until Sunday evening if needed but I don't think I will.  Have a good night.

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