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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another Busy day for a Day Off - Wed 28 Mar 2012

Started this morning, I went for a teeth cleaning at Dr. Peter Stepney, all is good for a few more months,  Stopped by South House saw Michael Coss, Beryl & Rennie they all are good,  I'll be checking out the No.5 Orange to see if they are wheelchair accessible for Michael so I can take him for a nice cold Molson Canadian, mainly because "I am Canadian"  and we can see some nice "Ballet" Stopped by Jan's Place, West House saw Mike Garing and stopped by the office and saw Janette and Jill,  all are doing well.  Went to my apartment in Pitt Meadows took a load to Annacis Lock-up, then returned home to Feed Kurbitten, she appreciates that.  Went back to Pitt Meadows had something to eat at the Jolly Coachman, tonight was their 10 cents wings, you can't go wrong with that, went to the old apartment put a light in the Kitchen to replace the one that I removed as I had purchased it and took with me it was a nice Halogen one.  Took another box home, mostly some tripods and cameras equipment.  I'll be there all day tomorrow.  Good night.

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