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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Excellent day for a day Off - Tuesday 6 Mar 2012

A great day today, for lunch I picked up Dr. Romalis and we went to our favourite Jewish Deli, Kaplan's Star Deli on Oak Street and Dr. Romalis treated me to a nice Lean Montreal Smoked Meat and it was as good as I remembered it.  Dr. Romalis also had a small Pastrami sandwich and he didn't get the "extra fat" so the staff at the Hospital will be happy.  I met Alan Tam at the Gym at 3PM and had a good workout, came back home and wrote some rent cheques to Cheshire Homes Society of BC and Jessie Kopp came and got them,  had a good discussion with Alan about reducing his visits to 2 days a week as I'm doing well and it would leave me Sunday to Travel and see some old Army Buddies in the Chilliwack area and not have to rush back to Vancouver.  I'll wait for Pat & Tania to give the final A. OK  I picked up my Prescription at Shoppers and they only had 2 weeks as they need another Prescription from Dr.Waiz,  for 2 weeks it still cost me $91.07, is it me, or is medication getting more and more expensive?  I think the last time I paid half that for twice the medication(4 weeks)  Oh well, Drug Dealers always made money, so do the Legal One "Pharmacists"  Good night, work tomorrow.

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