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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Not Bad Saturday 10 Mar 2012

Today was not a bad day off, slept in a bit, felt good still had a slight headache when I got up but thought it would work itself out.  Went to the Gym with Alan Tam, not a bad work out, but still had a slight headache,  May have been just the Salad I had for lunch.  Drove back home and when I was about to turn on East 7th I almost hit a "Racially Impaired" Driver as my friends in the RCMP would say.  She just cut me off completely and didn't care or noticed me at all, I had to SLAM and lock my brakes to stop from not hitting her even though I had the right of way.  Much older lady from Asia, probably thought she was still pulling a  Rickshaw.  I stopped in time, I don't need the aggravation or paperwork, for something we say in the Military Police,  Section 13 of the SCA, which is "Being Stupid in a No Stupid Zone" of the SCA(Stunn Cunts Act)  I know it's a Police joke, but it makes me smile every time.  Have a great night,  I'm only the Lord to Kurbitten so tomorrow Sunday  is my day off and I rest.  Have a good night.  Blue Skies,  JP

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