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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Busy Thursday 20 Mar 012

Good day today went to my old apartment in Pitt Meadows, took two loads to Annacis Island Lock-up, I also took the day off tomorrow as I have an appointment with Dr R. Waiz to re-new my prescription and he wouldn't do it over the phone, I guess anything for a visit fee. I have the apartment until Sunday evening, a bit of a breather, went back this evening got more stuff for storage will return tomorrow before the Dr appointment. Today I found a Mini- DV video tape on the floor of the apartment with no labels or markings on it, Got home watched it and sure enough it was the video that I was looking everywhere for, I had even asked all other skydiving photographers if they had any video whatsoever of me flying my cameras working, well the search is over, on the tape there was footage I took of Josh Ketcheson flying his camera and after he must have gave me his footage, cause now I have it, cool I now have what I wanted for my Motivational Presentation.  I stopped by the No.05 Orange on the way back and check to see if it was Wheelchair accessible,  Good new is that it is, that have a specific entrance that has no steps, so next week I can take my Good friend Michael Coss for a nice Cold Molson Canadian, because I AM CANADIAN.  We'll also see some nice "Ballet"  Kurbitten is cool with me being out, she greets me at the door.  I think she's saying "Welcome Home, Papa"

Good Night

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