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Saturday, 31 March 2012

WOW Super busy day moving Mar 31th 2012

Today was a super busy day.  I started late at noon I  went to my old apartment in Pitt Meadows and loaded some more things and made a load to Annacis Lock-up and went back to my apartment in Pitt Meadows where I loaded my car again with 99.9% of all my stuff in storage and cleaned up the place vacuum etc...  I'll return tomorrow morning for a final look, grab my vacuum cleaner, return the keys and voila!   I'll be done.  It did take a little longer then I initially thought,  I was wrong and I can admit it.  I did go through most of my Stuff and threw a lot away,  I may have filled both Dumpsters.  My accountant would have been proud of me,  I still had receipts of things I purchased for Blue Skies Production in 1991-2 era when I moved to BC.   It will never be needed now, and it's gone forever. They did tell me that the garbage guy won't pick up discarded CRT Computer Monitor,  I'll find another place for it tomorrow when they open it up again, it was not a bad monitor its 21" colour CRT, takes 10-12 time more energy than LCD, hence why they're Archaic.  Good Bye.

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