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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Good day for a day Off - Thursday 8 Mar 2012

Started a good day today, I watch the Keynote address on Apple's unveiling the New iPad, not iPad 3 or iPad HD as some people believed but the "New iPad",  the thing looks pretty good it has 4 times the resolution as the previous iPad which is the same as the iPhone4 which I have, they call it "Retina Display".  I thought let's go have a look at it at Simply Computing on West Broadway where I got loads of stuff from them before.  I went there and they didn't have any to show yet as it was just announced,  I was probably going to keep mine anyway the iPad2 is all I need for now.  I looked to buy a small HDMI adapter for my iPad2 and HD Projector and they didn't have any in stock, but they did tell me to my surprise that their neighbour Future Shop(FS) probably has them.  I walked to FS got one and on the way back outside I got "Assaulted" by the fragrance of Mr. TubeSteak I couldn't resist and I had one, juste ate 1/4 of it as it was enough for me, I haven't had them in over a year and I know why,  I get headachs too much sodium I guess,  I got home and took a little Nap and set my iPhone alarm to 15 minutes as I had to meet Alan Tam at the Gym.  Well Murphy's Law is still in effect, the alarm didn't go off and slept through, I woke up in a Panic and called Alan Tam to tell him I was on my way.  I got there and luckily he was still there, did a shorter version of the workout and Alan told me that I should go home and get a good Nap.  I did and I feel pretty good now,  Tomorrow is not only TGIF it's Quisno's Friday,  Always looking forward to Fridays, plus the office always have Krispy Cream donuts for the staff in the morning, Can't go wrong.  Good Night, Bonne Nuit, лека нощ, 晚安, lake noć, dobrou nov, goedenacht, head ööd, For my Great Beautiful friend at Connect Community Re-Hab Ms. Belle Suay magandang gabihyvää yötä, Gute Nacht, καληνύχτα, לילה טוב, शुभ रात्रि, góða nótt, buonanotte, グッド·ナイト, 안녕히 주무세요, labanaktis, dobranoc, boa noite, спокойной ночи, dobrú noc, Noche Buena, ราตรีสวัสดิ์, спокійної ночі, chúc ngu ngon,  well I think I have covered most of my friends from all over the world,  Thanks to Google Translate website, another great free tool on the Web.

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