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Monday, 27 February 2012

Great Monday at Avigilon Corporation - 27 Feb 2012

Tania Percy

Well today I drove Myself  to  Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.    Tania Percy  from Orion Health came by, checked my work area and treated me to lunch   at Quiznos,  I had my usual. I drove Tanya there and back so she saw my little Honda.  Tania indicated that I can increase my hours to 4 days a week now,  I told Manny and he was happy and I could start right away, but I'll start next monday, as tomorrow I turn 50, half a century, and my skydiving friends have it all planned out,  Dave Dave is cooking dinner at his place in Port Moody and Greg Chopiuk is picking me up and driving me there and back so I can enjoy myself.  Looking forward to it,  Dave is a great chef.  I had a great surprise at work, Linda that I work with got me a Box of 24 Toblerone chocolate bars from Switzerland that I love, the chocolate is awesome,  I controlled myself and only took one bar a day.  It's too bad, WSBC cancelled lunch at Estrella's, I was looking forward to their Montreal Smoked Meat and seeing Michael Coss, Eric & Pat, but we'll get together some other time.  have a great night.  Blue Skies

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