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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday 14th Feb 2012 a great day off

This morning I had time so I first went to TPH(The Printing House) on West Hastings where my Good Friend Leo Pecchia works, he has done lots of printing for me and I always use them and we even use them at Avigilon for a time.  I had ordered some new letterhead with my Family Coat of Arms with the New Vancouver address and dropped off my Old Pitt Meadows address letterhead where he will cut both sides with the Pitt Meadows address and print my new Vancouver address and I'll now have small notepads that will say From the Desk of, he will also print New Letterheads with the new address, I then went to Fusion Security to see some good friends that I worked with at Intercon Security, The President & CEO Bruce Marginson wasn't there, he's also a co-founders of Avigilon and also sits on our Board of Directors,  I told them that I had moved to Vancouver and got my Licence and car,  I then stopped by the C.A.R.E. clinic where I use to go with Dr. Romalis for years, I said hi to a lot of friends, Dr. Romalis wasn't at work today as they are dealing with the recent news that his brother-in-law discovered he has Cancer.  Dr. Romalis did call me later on and told me that he is looking forward to treat me to our favourite Jewish Deli in Vancouver at Kaplan's where they have the absolute best Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich.  That I'm looking forward to.  I drove back home now but was delayed a bit due to Traffic, there's always someone protesting something usually by stopping traffic, reminds me of the "Occupy" Movement and I say the same as some New York executive that went out with a sign that said "Occupy a Desk"  "Get a Job"  that is Priceless.  Well I'm back at home.  cook some good sheppards pie, Alan Tam had some and I think he liked it.  I still have some for tomorrow at work.  As you can see I had a busy day which is good.

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