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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another Great day at Avigilon Corporation Wednesday 15 Feb 2012

This Morning  I drove myself to Richmond from Vancouver and it only took 15 minutes,  I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch I brought my own Ham sandwich,    I worked til 5PM then I drove myself to my new apartment in Vancouver where I made myself some simple Hot Dogs for dinner I wasn't that hungry.  Kurbitten got her usual can food,  Talked to my friend Greg Chopiuk on SKYPE and they are planning to take me out for diner on my Birthday at Dave Davison's place in Port Moody.  It should be good, Dave is an excellent chef.  I contacted the building manager, he will show me my underground parking tomorrow morning and I'm allowed a BBQ outside my apartment, I love Barbies so I'll be shopping for one.  Tomorrow morning I'll go to the DZ to pick up my Hi-8mm camera so I can look at some tapes that I found, In the afternoon I'll go to the Gym with Alan Tam.  Good Night

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