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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday February 23 2012 - Super Busy Day, for a day off

Today was a very busy but productive day,  first thing this morning I went to the ICBC Drivers centre and had a new licence re-issued as the one they gave me back was still showing cancelled,  Got a new photo taken and Change of address to my new place in Vancouver and the lady said that it will be mail to me within 1.5 week,  I was shocked,  I had no idea that the Department of Motor Vehicle could move that fast:-)  I then went to TPH(The Printing House) where my friend Leo is the GM,  he did me some new Letter Heads with the Vancouver info and he's cutting the address on both sides of my old letter heads from Pitt Meadows and he's going to print my current Vancouver address in the centre and will make small Notepads that will say "From  the Desk of"  One way to save on paper and the environment by not disposing of the old letter heads.  Then I went to  Granville Island where I had some embroidery done,  I pick up one piece but the other hadn't been delivered yet.  I then went to Children & Women's Hospital at the CARE clinic and saw Dr. Romalis and lots of familiar faces,  Dr. Romalis was very pleased and said that he will treat me to lunch at our favourite Jewish Deli, Kaplan's on Granville.  The staff at the clinic made me promise that I will ensure that Dr. Romalis orders a "Lean"  Pastrami sandwich, not "Extra-Fat" like he use to order before, when we would go there,  I guess they are concerned since Dr. Romalis had a slight Heart Attack, if you can call a Heart Attack "Slight"   No problem, I can do that.  Below is my new COA Letter Head.  Dr. Romalis also told me that he got a Logitech  blue tooth keyboard for his wife Sheila, iPad2 and the keypad actually acts as a cover and protects the screen,  I thought that was genius and went to Simply Computing where I got one, while there I showed them my iPhone 4 and told them that the camera light keeps coming on and staying on until  the battery is expired, they didn't do any iPhone repairs there, but said the actual Apple Store in Pacific Centre Mall(PCM) does and are open til 6PM,  that was my next stop PCM and I arrived in time, they looked at it and tried a hardware reset like I had done in the past and it didn't work like I told them,  so they replaced the whole camera and flash, got home re-Sync and it appears to work A OK. Cooked myself a couple of small sandwich steaks and it filled the spot.  Tomorrow off to another great day at work.  See an interesting day off.  Good night.

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