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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Great day at Avigilon Corporation Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

This Morning  I drove myself to Richmond from Vancouver and it only took 15 minutes,  I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch I brought my own Ham sandwich,    I worked til 5PM then I drove myself to my new apartment in Vancouver where I checked my e-mail and was going to meet Alan Tam at the Gym, on the way there I stopped at KFC for a quick bite  I had a good work out, on the way out I was parked way behind Renfrew Park Community Centre & Pool  well I slipped and fell ass backwards and got completely covered in fresh mud from head to toe, I didn't get hurt, other than my Pride, I got into my car and drove home and noticed that I should have looked at my Ass before I sat down, as my car is now very muddy inside,  I swear when I walked in the door Kurbitten was laughing at me.  Got cleaned up and I have another good load of Laundry for tomorrow.
  Good Night

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