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Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday at AVIGILON Corporation - 24 Feb 2012

TGIF, this Morning I drove myself to Richmond from Vancouver and it only took 15 minutes, I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch I had mistakenly believed that Tania Percy was coming to treat me to lunch, but I was mistaken, she's coming Monday. I drove myself to Quiznos and had my usual, I worked til 4PM then I drove myself to Granville Island to pick up some embroidery I had done and they look absolutely awesome.  I was going to pick-up Michael Coss for a good steak at the Keg and a Molson Canadian,  because "I Am Canadian" and after we were going to go see the "Ballet" at Brandie's but Michael called Brandies and they told him that the club is not wheelchair accessible at all.  That was a bummer,  Beryl thought we should Cancel and we did.  I guess we'll have to pass on "Ballet" and just go have a steak some other time.  Went shopping at Staples got some more ink for my Ink Jet printer, I'm still good it only shows me when I print that I'm low on ink, I'm not out yet and I now have some if I do run out.  Have a great night.

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