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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Great day at Avigilon Corporation Wednesday 01 Feb 2012

This Morning  I drove myself to Richmond from Vancouver and it only took 15 minutes, I was about 30 minutes early, I don't mind, now I know.  I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch I drove  to Quiznos,  I had my usual.   I worked til 5PM then I drove myself to my old apartment in Pitt Meadows where I took the shower curtain as there are none in the Vancouver apartment and I had purchased the one in Pitt Meadows,  I also found some of Kurbitten's can food, she'll be happy.  I stopped by Home Depot where I bought a small "Stud Finder" so I know where the 2X4's are behind the wall as I'd like my LCD TV to be hooked up on something solid, still lots of stuff to unpack, I'm off tomorrow, I might go to Annacis Island to get my battery operated drill from my Storage Unit. See you later alligators, in a while crocodiles.

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