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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Not a Bad Day - Saturday 18 Feb 2012

Today started very quiet,  this AM I went shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore on Marine Drive in Vancouver,  they  had a good assortments of my favourite Vachon cakes, and now I have an assortment of  little cakes myself. Got a DC power transformer for my LCD picture frame, put one more box in storage downstairs and my Cousin Bernadette Hedar-Forest called me and she actually lives 4.7Km from me here, she's my Dads brother Uncle Johnny's daughter and she professionally plays Violin for the West Coast Symphony.  Tomorrow we should get together and talk about good old days.  This afternoon I went to the Gym with Alan Tam for a small work out,  The Gym is not bad so I took a Membership for 3 Months to start and we'll see how Yash likes it.  I now have a Vancouver Park Board card and the place is not crowded.  The place is called Renfrew Park Community Centre & Pool at 2929 E. 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC below is their website.  Good Night.

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