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Friday, 17 February 2012

Another Good Friday at AVIGILON Corporation - 17 Feb 2012

This Morning  I drove Myself  to  Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.  I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch I drove  to Quiznos for my usual,  at 17:00 hrs I drove myself to the DZ Owner Ian Flanagan's house in Pitt Meadows and picked up my Hi-8mm camera, on the way there around 168 on Golden Ears Way which is 96Ave I got into a slight accident, no worries no damages and no injuries, we both stopped and exchanged information It was dark and raining and we kind of merge into each other,his car only barely hit my mirror and it just rotated.  I didn't see any damages on his car, but when I reported it to ICBC The other driver claims that his mirror was damage, could be, I didn't see it. Now I'll have an appointment at ICBC  at the Kingsway & Fraser location, they'll call when they want to see the car.  I drove myself back to my new apartment in Vancouver where Kurbitten was waiting patiently.  Have a great weekend.  Kind of a shitty start to mine, but it's only a car, not worried.

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