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Sunday, 13 November 2011

I'm back at Re-Hab

Well it happens so fast, I spent one night 2 days at my place in Pitt Meadows and time fly's,  I got my reservation done on WestJet for my Flight to my brother's place in Regina for X-Mas,  Today I had a great Brunch at the Jolly Coachman Pub next to my place, I just ordered some prints of my Great Niece Tevryn Ann for my Mom in New Brunswick  as she doesn't have a computer to email them to her.  Pretty cool, I ordered all the photos that my nephew sent me on-line on the London Drugs website, I just have to pick them up tomorrow, I love technology,  all done from home.  Tomorrow I go to work with Yash, which means it's Quisnos Monday, that is always good.  Have a good one.

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