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Monday, 14 November 2011

Good Monday at Avigilon -14 Nov 2011


Yash Kapoor 

Being Monday Joyce from Connect dropped me off at the Newton Wave Pool where Yash Kapoor drove me to Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.  

Today was Quiznos Monday, For lunch me and Yash Kapoor returned to Quiznos and I had my Usual Black Angus steak Combo double toasted with a bag of plain Potato Chips  and a Chocolate Chunk Cookie  by the friendly staff at Quiznos for my meal.  It was great and I can't wait until this Friday where I take a Cab to work by myself and will be going to the FlyZone Wind Tunnel for a 10 minutes flying session thanks to WorkSafe BC  We had a good 1/2 day of work, we packaged 200 accessory bags with screws, anchor, rubber washer, metal plug and teflon tape and put a surface mount with folded instruction pamphlet in a single cardboard box that we assembled in the short time we were there.  

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