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Monday, 28 November 2011

Great Monday at Avigilon - 28 Nov 2011

Being Monday Mike Garing from Connect dropped me off at the Newton Wave Pool where Yash Kapoor drove me to Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.  Although today was Quisnos Monday, Pat MacIntosh from WorkSafe BC came to Richmond to have a meeting with Manny Gill about working more hours and more days and getting me on Payroll again.  The meeting went great, I'll now be working full 8 hour days Monday, Wednesday and Friday's  I'll be getting back on Payroll not at my regular salary but at the salary of a workers doing what I'm doing for the time being, until I resume as the Director of Security Solutions then I will resumed my duties and Salary,  WorkSafe BC will continue with my Pension and it will not be affected by me being paid by  Avigilon for the time being.  We only worked a short time due to the meeting, we did an additional 100 accessory bags + the 400 from last week that finishes the order, plus we did 47 small bags with machine screws .  Pat MacIntosh treated us to an East Indian Restaurant called "Tandoori Kona" @ Cambie Plaza,  The food was not my type but the chicken and Pita bread was all right.  Thanks for lunch Pat,  Yash being use to spicy food thought it could use more kick(Spice)  Yash Kapoor drove me back to Guilford Mall library and got a flat tire as we entered the Guilford Mall area,  he pulled over about 500 yards from the Library and Joyce Kanang drove and picked me up and drove me home.

Yash's Car Flat Tire

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