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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Great Hockey Game at Rogers Arena - Canucks won 5-1

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Tonight was a good night, my accountant Ken Bulthius from Grant Thornton LLP treated me to a Vancouver Canucks Hockey Game at Rogers Arena and a great diner at the Shark Club where I had a good steak with mushrooms and, as my Good Friend Michael Coss says so well, I had a Molson Canadian, because "I Am Canadian"  It was a good game the Canucks defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets 4 to 1  I took some Digital still photos with my Sony HD Video camera as your not allowed video cameras inside Rogers Arena but I did shoot a couple of seconds and didn't get caught by security although the Usher was keeping a close eye on me,  First the Digital photos I took with the Video camera, and last is the video.

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