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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Cat Kurbitten and Dog Shadow

This is my Cat Kurbitten and dog Shadow

My cat has a funny name,  She was given to me by Janette Jackman the Leader of Operations at Connect Community Rehab where I live, she was Janette's grand daughter's cat who had a friend that couldn't say the word Kitten she keep saying Kurbitten and the name stuck and she responds to it.  It surprised my brother Emile that I had a cat because I was always a dog lover.

Here we have friendly Racoons, He says  "Did you lose your cat?, I found it."  Kurbitten where have you been?

This is Shadow, a pure bred German Sheppard from Germany that was given to me by David Mahon and his wife Elke,  David was our Admin Sgt at 2CER in CFB Petawawa, On.  He's now a Chief Warrant Officer(CWO) at NDHQ in Ottawa, Ontario.  He has two beautiful daughter that are probably young ladies by now.  I use to stop by Dave & Elka's house when they lived on Moreilwood Crescent in CFB Petawawa, Ontario and take Shadow for a walk or on a ride along in my Military Police(MP) Car,  he was a good tracker and would find suspects for me to arrest.  I drove from Petawawa, Ontario to Tracadie, NB with Shadow as a Passenger in my 1984 Pontiac Fiero which is a two seater, we drove straight to Tracadie, NB and only stopped in Montreal, Qc to get Gravol as he was Drooling in the car.  Once I got to Tracadie, NB I built him with a good friend Robert(Bob) Losier that is now a design engineer in Ontario with Skyjack, a great Dog House it would take 6 strong guys to lift it.  It was made of 1/2 inch plywood all around and 3/4 inch on the floor.  The floor was covered with Shag Carpet and he had a framed picture of a German Sheppard Bitch  on his wall in case he got lonely.  The doghouse had drywall all around and Stucko ceiling and a Saloon door so he could get in and out at his convenience.  It had Vinyl siding all around and Tar shingle roof with the House number 3908B as my mom where he was is at 3908 Main St.  I had a good 15 years with him and he died peacefully in his sleep.  I still miss him to this day,  I'll probably get another German Sheppard one day and I will probably name him Shadow too.
The house where my friend Bob Losier use to live and where we built Shadow's Dog House in the Barn(not seen here)

Robert(Bob) Losier, Design Engineer

On Moreuilwood Crescent in CFB Petawawa, Ontario when David lived there, I'm sitting at the PicNic table with Shadow and Dave, Elke is standing and Sam is in front.

Shadow on his birthday preparing to blow his birthday candle in New Brunswick, he's so cute with his birthday hat.

Admin Clerk Crest

CWO Rank

Below is a video of David Mahon walking with his daughters in CFB Petawawa, Ontario it must have been around 1985

Below is a cute picture of his daughter Sammy that that they gave me in May1986

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