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Friday, 25 March 2011

My Family Coat of Arms

Here's my family Coat of Arms were descendants of Jesse De Forest Founder of Nieu Netherland which is now New York City, NY, USA. and also Herbert De Forest circa 1107

LION: It symbolizes courage, strength, magna-mite
BANNER: Charter represents a donation from de Forest

PIGEONS: The ancestor had done heroic deeds in distant places, he could return to its point of departure, his native land during the three crusades hence the three pigeons 2 and 1

On the above left is the Gold ring with our Forest Family shield engraved reversed so when you seal a document with hot wax, it will look like the image on the right, where you can read FOREST and everything is right side up, it's one way to make it Official.
Historical Names out of the United Kingdom, its where I ordered the custom ring, they did a very good job.  I'm very happy with it.  It will stay in my family and one day when I have a Son, he will wear it.


Below are some links to PDF documents about the De Forest Family, the links will bring you to Google Documents page and say unable to scan for viruses, click on "Download Anyway", they are big file, so google can't handle the scanning

Letter I received from the City of Avesnes-sur-helpe, France where Jesse De Forest is from, I had telephoned them and left a message to them and they replied with a photo of a Monument to Jesse De Forest in France and a Pamphlet, see pictures below:
Translation in english below

Monument in Battery Park New York to Jesse De Forest  It's called the Walloon Settlers Monument
The inscriptions on the monument

In the thirteenth century, there was in France two De Forest family who did not have the same ancestry. One of them signed "De Forest" and lived in French Flanders, the other in  Avesnes. We are the descendants of the latter.
The actual genealogy of our family begins around the year 1450
The old De Forest family have always had a penchant for biblical names in the first five generations, we find the names of the Magi is Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar. Who knows if, in the history of De Forest, returning from the crusade has not participated in the transportation of the bodies of Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar in Milan, Italy   Cologne, France
Because there is no record antecedents, our first known ancestor would be Gaspard De Forest, a Landrecies bourgeois, not about 1450, married about 1471 and died in 1520. He had a Brother Gilles de Forest. Receiver Avesnes in 1491 that we could not get any record of offspring.
Gaspard De Forest had a son named Melchior De Forest 1,  born about 1472, married around 1495, died in 1530. They had 2 son, he named Melchior II De Forest, not married around 1497 to 1520 with Jacqueline Bronchin and died around 1549. The other was named Jehan De Forest, became a priest. Melchior He was magistrate and merchant Avesnes. He possessed great wealth and had seven children.
The eldest of this family named  Melchior III(3) and he was particular Because we are interested in the Forest of America branch is descended from him. It is only around 1521, married in 1543 with Catherine duFosset (noble family) and died around 1572. They had five children. The eldest was Balthazar but John De Forest, second child, which come our offspring
Jean De Forest born in 1548, married in 1575 with Anne Maillard and died in 1620. They had four children. He had a rather eventful history of the fact that he spent in Calvinism, a doctrine of reform Calvin, who created Protestantism in France. A caudate religious persecution, the family was dispersed. Only the second child, Jesse De Forest stayed with his father and went to settle in Sedan, France as a draper.
Jesse De forest born 1580 married July 23, 1601 with Marie  Ducloux from Sedan. He had several children including Henry de Forest, one of the settlers of the new american foundation. It is only March 7, 1606, married July 1, 1636 he had one son Michael De Forest who converted to Catholicism and became the venerable ancestor of all the Acadian Forest
Turning now immigration to America. Lets mention in 1603, the family of John, except Jesse, met again at Leyden in Holland, the refuge of Calvinist french.
To fill the wishes of his father, Jesse De Forest took the initiative and organized an expedition which included about three hundred men besides women and children. They traveled from Antwerp, Holland 4 March 1623 and headed for the island of Manhattan, a marshy area or those brave Flemings and consequently formed the nucleus of the current population of New York City

Simon De Forest was the last person to use the "De" in De Forest in his name after that he named his son Maximien Forest  in 1758 Simon De forest must have seen the Deportation of the French speaking people in the Maritimes(Acadia) Port Royal in 1755.  De Forest sounded more French being that they were from France than Forest which sounded more English where the French speaking acadians were deported to the Swamps of Louisiana around New Orleans where we find Cajun people today.  Hence why now we spell our name FOREST today without the "De" and most of  us are also bilingual French and English

Jesse De Forest Ship Journal

Jesse De forest Ship Journal

Lee De forest Inventor

I guess a reseeding hairline runs in the Forest family as well.

Article on Wikipedia about a distant relative  Lee De forest another descendant of Jesse De forest.  Lee De forest was the inventor of the Audion Vacuum Tube which started the Radio Broadcast.  Lee De forest was known as the father of Radio.  I have one of Lee De forest Tombstone Radio at home and it still works.  

First Day of issue Stamp of Lee De forest, "Father of Radio"  stamped in New York, NY 10 Jul 1973 stamp is on Lee De forest Progress in Electronics envelope,  I won a bid on E-Bay for it.

My De forest Crosley Audion Vacuum Tube Radio that I still have at my Apartment

That's probably why me and my brother Emile were both Engineers in the army, I was a Combat Engineer before I re-mustered to Military Police and my brother Emile was an Electrical Engineer.  Electronics must be in our blood.  Plus I'm a Co-Founder and Director of Security Solutions for Avigilon Corporation a Vancouver, BC Company, now, a Public Company Ticker AVO on the TSX(Toronto Stock Exchange) that Manufactures and sells HD Surveillance cameras that run on a single CAT5e cable, no more COAX cable and seperate power cable.  We now manufacture a great colour 29 Megapixel camera that can replace 95 conventional VGA camera and are always looking at developing a bigger one

Below is the coordinates that I'll be using in about 10 years at least when I retire, I will name my sailboat "PIGEON" like Jesse De forest ship and re-do Jesse De forest trip and depart from Texel Island in the Netherlands until the French Guiana near the Amazon where Jesse De forest Died and is buried.   The Latitude and Longitude have been corrected for the Magnetic Pole Declination from 1624 until now.  The best part of that trip will be in Texel Island in the Netherlands there is now a skydiving centre there so I'll be bringing my Parachute Rig and will jump wherever I can

Once I get to Jesse De forest grave in the French Guiana I'll leave this flag below that I had made for my Family last X-Mas.  Because after all these are Jesse De forest Coat of Arms

Above is the Flag I got made at the Flag Shop in Vancouver last X-Mas this one is at my Mom's place in New Brunswick

I thought if I make the trip I might as well return by vehicle next time these are the places I might be dropping by

Onder de Schellingwoder brug maart 2011, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Texel Island, The Netherlands
Foulness Island, UK
Isle of Wight, UK
Wey mouth, UK
Vimianzo, Spain
Marrakeh, Morocco
Dakhla, Western Sahara Villa Cisneros
Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde


  1. I am commenting cause I have traced my family back to Herbert DeForest in 1007 also. So I think we might be related, Hello to you.

    1. Hi Bradley, sorry I didn't answer sooner as I don't monitor this BLOG. I did this BLOG while I was in Rehab recovering from a Plane crash in Aug 2008 having sustained a TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) If it's the same Herbert ours is Circa 1107 don't have the exact DOB but yours is 1007 which is earlier so there is a good chance we are related.I'm also on FB or can be contacted as: skydive(at) Best of luck, JP