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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Airborne Indoctrination Course (AIC) Course, CFB Petawawa, Ontario
I'm in the Red square
My 52 and last Military Jump with a CT-2 canopy at CFB Chatam, NB

Article that appeared in The Telegraph Journal about being congratulated by my BSecurO, Lt. Joey Simpson on my 52nd and last jump in the Military on 20th June 1989

Walking back after the Jump, another good one.
Me before a Jump in Petawawa wearing my SSF Smock, I looked tired, must have been a good party the night before

 My first CSPA logbook, I had a beard in those days.
 My first civilian and 49th Parachute jump was in Gananoque, Ontario 30th June 1984  Eileen Vaughan was my civilian instructor in those days
60th, 61 & 62 jump in  Gananoque, Ontario again signed by the DZ owner Tom McCarthy

Memoriam Video of our Dear Friend Keith J. Perepelkin who died in a skydiving accident while filming the movie "Firestorm"  doing a "stunt" off the cliff named "The Chief" in Squamish, BC I added the trailer to Firestorm at the end of this video.  R.I.P. Keith

Above is another Memoriam Video for Keith MacKenzie who use to Jump at Pitt Meadows but was killed in a Helicopter crash in New Zealand, Flying Helicopters was another of his passion.

Click my name to send me an e-mail> J-P Forest, CPP<Cliquez sur mon nom pour m'envoyer un Couriel

One of the Best Job "Camera Flyer"

"The Wind Beneath my Wings"
Part of my Re-Hab in the Vertical Wind Tunnel paid by WorkSafe BC thats great, still  wearing a Neck Brace collar, not for long I hope.

Above 3 of the photos I took that made the cover of our National Magazine CanPara

Above video is Allison Eaton that came and did a Tandem Jump at Pitt Meadows for her 30th birthday, Craig Noel was also there as he was also working on Project SUNRAY with me.  Allison use to work for Rakesh Saxena that we use to keep under House arrest at his condo in Vancouver, BC as part of Project SUNRAY.  Allison is now in charge of Flight Centre Canada

Sometimes the life of a Cameraflyer can be really tough, It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.  Wish I did this one, artistically speaking only,  got this from a skydiving friend in Pitt Meadows,  Jon Smecko  One more reasons I love skydiving and ladies that are not shy:-)

Tandem video of Ken Marginson who is the brother of my Former VP at Intercon Security Bruce Marginson.  Ken was in charge of all drivers for Tim Horton's restaurants.  Bruce now owns Fusion Security and is also a Co-Founder of Avigilon Corporation .

Gladys Butt for her future 75th Birthday tries a Tandem Skydive with Tandem Master Dave Huntington, she had came to the DZ with her grand daughter Colleen who was getting married and for a STAG present she got a Tandem Jump, she went and Colleen's mother also went, and then Grand Mother Gladys said she might as well go also.  Three Generations skydiving, great, the photo above the video appeared in the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Newspaper as well as The NOW paper from Coquitlam, Port Moody below.

Above is my custom Canopy that I had made with the Intercon Security on the bottom,  I had ask the President & CEO of Intercon Security if my section CRG(Corporate Resources Group) would have a good year financially if I could have a custom Canopy.  I had an awesome year thanks to a big CP(Close Protection) Contract for Project SUNRAY guarding a Thailand Fugitive at home under House Arrest 24hrs a day, 365 days a year for several years and I did get my Custom Canopy, everyone was happy.

When I worked at Intercon Security I had an Irish guy working for me, Martin O'Brien a former Airborne Soldier with the Irish Army Special Forces, an excellent guy with a good sense of humour and very professional, he was assigned as the Close Protection Operative for Dr. Romalis who really liked him.  Martin's Girlfriend or Common-Law wife "Crystel" came and did a AFF Course at Pitt Meadows and I did the video of her jumps above.  Last I heard Martin  is back in Ireland.

While working at Intercon Security(ISL), Judy Kuehl which was with the Toronto (ISL) office in HR Department came to Vancouver and tried a Tandem Skydive with Tandem Master Philip Ludwig on 7th June 2001 above is her video.

Dan Lowe on a solo skydive May 10th, 2003

My good friend Nadia Talbot

My parachute rig never looked so good, Thanks Cody
Cody looks good even without my parachute rig on

I took this picture of Colin Comeau AKA. "Paco" with the acadian flag bandana that I got from Création MR, I gave the photo to my Friend Michel Ross owner of Création MR in Tracadie-Sheila, NB who has the exact same birthday as me.  He put it in his catalogue of acadian merchandise that he manufactures and sells.
Paco explaining to the gaining crowd after a Demo Jump in the Vancouver area

Canadian Forces Skyhawks Parachute team Website
Tony Specht getting promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class(that's Master Warrant Officer for us Army folks) at 4000' pretty cool photo.  Congrats Tony

Abbotsford Airshow that I went to see when I was in Rehab, saw the Skyhawks, Tony & Jess an MP Officer
Tony Specht and Charlene

Tony and Charlene

some skydivers really look good
 Above was my attempt at making a DZ Layout showing Landing areas etc...
Above is a Fun Poster I made of my Friend Colin Comeau aka. "Paco" Swoop Landing, you have to click on it to see it full Screen.
Me and Taras Kostyuk in Pitt Meadows lately
David Davison and Taras Kostyuk taking off from the King Air in a Birdman suits, Taras is also an actor and he's on the Funny Jeep Commercial Below and the 6 video Below from different movies he's been in:

Funny short movie filmed in BC with Taras Kostyuk as a Hit Man in Taking Out the Don
Taras Kostyuk in the Opening Sequence of the Movie "White Chicks" with the Wayans Brothers

Taras Kostyuk in his costume as the Sasquatch

Taras Kostyuk in the movie "Coffee Diva"

Spymate movie trailer showing Taras Kostyuk

Above is a Tribute to Rob Warner that was the main Rigger and Tandem Master in Pitt Meadows, I did hundreds of Tandem jumps video with Rob and I put a small 15 minute video together.  He was also in the Aircraft that I was in when it crashed, he hasn't jumped for the first 9 months since he did over 300 tandem jumps in 2009 and about 100 in 2010, but only six jumps in 2012.  He now works for BC Transit as a Bus Driver, probably more Dangerous than skydiving.  Good Luck Rob.

AJ Stelacio having fun over Pitt Meadows, that or he's looking for Real Estate to sell.

Above is the Sept 1994 Elle Magazine Spread on "Dangerous Liaisons" depicting Christine Cowern coming to Pacific Skydivers Ltd for a Tandem Skydive, with one of the best cameraflyer for the magazine, Me, of course:-)

Occasionally you have to do videos for TV shows,  This one was even better, because it's a show that I  really like to watch.  On 12 Aug 2006, Kieu Nguyen came for a Tandem Skydive as part of her challenge and her Birthday, Gus Star  was her Tandem Master and he's always funny.  Not only did she accomplish her challenge, but she had fun while doing it.  Enjoy Below.

Above My good friend that created a website for me after my crash Sandra Dussault feeling the Air she's also the Editor of our National Magazine CanPara

An old tradition at many DZ, is to land as close to the Bowl where the Beer is, grab a beer chuck it down, and turn it upside down over you head after,  doesn't accomplish anything, but its' FUN

Eric Hertsens on a skysurfing board exiting the Porter in Abbotsford, BC. Eric is an accomplish skydiver and kitesurfer that now lives in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, we once had a close call in Abbotsford DZ, I went thru his canopy and he had to cut away, we both received minor injuries.

Bridge Communications Website
Below is the Tandem video of Maureen Verkaar that was the Publicist of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that I was the Close Protection Operative for singer Donny Osmond, I added a small clip of "Joseph" at the end of her skydive.  She did her Tandem Jump in Abbotsford on August 8, 1999.   Maureen now works for Bridge Communications in Vancouver(above link)   Enjoy.  

JOSEPH Lapel Pin from the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Production


This was a skydiving friend in Abbotsford, BC that would come on weekends to skydive from Lynden, Washington state.  His name is Elza Milton Lenn better know to us as  “Zeke”  he's wearing the purple baseball hat in the dirt dive.  I had just gotten my new Sony PC-7 camera and offered to video them, they dirt dived and I video it to practice as I don't normally video the Dirt Dive.  Once we landed, I told Zeke that I was going to look at the footage and will go on the next available load.  Zeke also said that he would also be on the next load he just had to pack his gear, he took a deep breath and fell backwards, he had just had a heart attack, we tried CPR and the ambulance tried defibrillators but he passed away right there doing what he loved best, skydiving at 66 years of age.  I went to his funeral in Lynden Washington and I discovered that Zeke was a flight engineer in one of NASA's Apollo mission.  Amazing, he never let us know that.  NASA had set up a memorial booth in his memory at his funeral.  Rest in Peace my friend Zeke

Above  I did my 500, 1000 & 1500th jump at Pacific Skydiving Hawaii(PSH) at Dillingham Airfield on Oahu Island in Hawaii.  It's where I met Patrick de Gayardon who was also a part owner of PSH and I also saw Steve Janz AKA: "Smiley" there, we use to jump in Abbotsford, BC together, I let him use my canopy as he had a cut away  and lost his canopy  in the Surf, I was heading to Kauai so I didn't need it until I got back to BC.

Sit flying over Hawaii, rough life
My old RBC VISA card with a photo of me sit flying over Hawaii, it's too bad they don't make custom cards anymore, they did look good, don't worry these numbers are long gone.  I kept the card for posterity.
Sony DCR-PC7

Above is a short video of a skydive I did with Norbert Hartmann at Pacific Skydiving Hawaii(PSH) on Oahu Island in Hawaii and we were sit flying and on exit Herbert did some head down, when he returned right side up, he lost his camera helmet and the helmet flew upwards  and the helmet fell and hit his canopy making a hole in it.  I slowed the video when the camera went thru his canopy.  The camera crashed landed in a Banana field and was later recovered and as you can see from above video, It survived the crash.  We both were jumping with a Sony PC-7 mini -DV camera.  After that. I continued to use SONY as a camera,  now I have a SONY HDRCX700V  High Definition(HD) 96 GB camera, no more magnetic video tapes, solid state, a file transfer that's it.

Below is someone I looked up to in the skydiving sport,  I met him a few times at Pacific Skydiving Hawaii(PSH) on the North Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii where he was a part owner and he died in a skydiving accident.  He was a world leader in Skysurfing.  His name is Patrick de Gayardon and he was sponsored by Sector Watch No Limits, and I still have and wear a Sector No Limits watch in his memory

One of the World's Best Camera Flyer Joe Jennings, Board Rob Harris, Patrick de Gayardon

Above YouTube video that had ben converted from old 8mm film, the classic 1970s film by leading freefall photographer of the era, Carl Boenish.

YouTube Music Video about "Above all Else"

YouTube Video in French about the French Team Perspective on "Why Birds Sings" in a 1997 World Skydiving Championship that the French team lost  to the US Team who came first also showing Dan B-C in the Plane and when there are getting the Excalibur Sword Trophy as part of the World Skydiving Championship.

Skydiving Calendar 2005
All photos that I took while skydiving and I change the Altimeter in Photoshop to reflect the month number
Back cover


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