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Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Blog would not be complete without my Godson Anthony Giattini

That's one of my favourite photo of Anthony he's so photogenic

I couldn't have a Blog without having a post with photos of my Godson Anthony Giattini of Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii who has already moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida which is not that far from Skydive Sebastian and my Good Friend CSM(Ret)Gary Baura and his wife Liz in Palm Bay, Fl.
My Good Friend CSM(Ret)Gary Baura at his wedding in Florida  Would you believe that Gary is 59 years young in this picture, it was also his first marriage, I still have a chance cause I just turned 50  he looks great and falls really fast in free fall,  the last time I did a Free fall jump in Abbotsford, BC Canada with Gary I had to do a Stand-up free fall to keep up with him

Above is a YouTube video of Fort Lauderdale

Anthony with his God Parents

Me and Mélanie Fitzback

Mélanie Fitzback and me at the Intercon Security X-Mas Dinner in Vancouver, BC  December 22, 2003

This is the Lighthouse by Lihue Airport it's Anthony and my favourite spot to hang out and watch the airplanes Land & Take off at Lihue Airport

Anthony's Dad Ted Giattini at his School

4 Generations, from L to R great grand-mother Marguerite(1), Pascale(3rd), Anthony(4th), Jocelyne Simard(2nd)

Manna Graziano with Anthony from her page

I saw this restaurant and immediately thought about my Godson

 Anthony's Grade 2 school picture that I got when I was in Hospital with the one of him swimming below

This is a charcoal drawing of my Godson Anthony drawn by a good friend Colin Comeau aka."Paco" that I skydive with

This is Anthony's dog Jasper he's cute

In Kauai, one of the Best Burger is at Bubba's Burger, their in three locations on Kauai Island, Kapaa, Hanalei and Poipu and they cook the best burger with Fresh Kauai Ground beef, none of that frozen crap, I always try to go there at least once on every trip.

Every Year I use to make a calendar with Anthony's pictures, but I haven't since my Plane Crash so for the year 2010  Pascale, Matt, Lauren and Anthony made me a calendar with their pictures and messages.  I really like it and I scanned the calendar and here are the photos.
 Here's me(The Godfather), Anthony(Titi), Pascale(Papousse), Jocelyne(Mamie-Jo) when they came to see me at Connect Communities Re-Hab House in Langley, BC following the plane crash, spent 6 months in Hospital Trauma Unit and almost 3 years in Re-Hab

Ted, Jolene, Anthony at X-Mas

Anthony in Quebec City in Aug 2008

Pascale(Papousse) and Anthony at his Baptism Anniversary

 Matt, Anthony & Lauren at Matt's Birthday

Mélanie Fitzback(Godmother), Pascale(Papousse)

 Lauren on the boat

 Anthony with his catch fishing

Chef Anthony

Captain Anthony

Beautiful Anthony, he's going to be a heart breaker when he starts dating

Me & Anthony when he came to see me at Connect Communities Re-Hab House in Langley, BC following the plane crash, spent 6 months in Hospital Trauma Unit and almost 3 years in Re-Hab

Anthony in Québec City

Titi Voice
Above is some sound recording of Anthony leaving me messages on my answering machine.  He is just adorable and I love him very much.  He started when he was an infant and could hardly talk.

My calendars below

 Papousse & Me at Cheers bar in Richmond YVR airport
Pascale(Papousse) when she came to Vancouver, BC with Julie Bédard for the first time
Giattini Coat of Arms

Anthony appeared in The Garden Island Newspaper

Me and Anthony in a photo booth

Above is a Solid Polycarbonate block piece with Anthony's face drawn/engraved with a laser in 3D in the plastic all done within minutes in a Special Photo Booth, it makes a cool key chain

I probably said it hundreds of time before, but I'm so Proud of my Godson Anthony, he recently moved to Florida with his Mom from Kauai, Hawaii and he's already been chosen by his teacher, Mrs. Emma Kurtz for Outstanding Academic Achievements and to represent his school, Bayview Elementary at the Congressional Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, DC this summer, he's such a smart young man, he's going to go far, he can be anything he wants to be, I'm so proud of him.

Above I went to visit him and took him for a haircut, he's such a gentleman, very calm.


A great day in my life when my Godson Anthony Giattini was born in Kauai, Hawaii and his parents Ted & Pascale asked me to be the Godfather,  I'm so proud of Anthony

Le Baptême à Anthony Giattini Baptism
I still have the Coconut shell from the Coconut that was used at Anthony's Baptism.  I also have a lock of Anthony's hair from his first haircut with me and a art print with Anthony's name in Hawaiian colour lettering.  I'll give it all to Anthony when he gets married.  So not yet.

Year 2003 in Review

Operation STING Honolulu, Hawaii
Above video is when me, Mélanie Fitzback(Godmother) and Ted Giattini planned a Birthday surprise for Pascale by taking her to see STING in Concert at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  We had planned the surprise months before when they were in Whistler, BC on a skiing trip, I rented a Rolls Royce Limo for the surprise.  During the concert an Usher pushed Mélanie and she fell backwards, in a nanosecond, Ted punched the Usher in the face, broke his glass and suffered a "boxer" fracture himself,  we took off to hide in the Limo waiting for us, but Ted got arrested by Honolulu PD(HPD), luckily I had stopped to talk to HPD before the show started and when I went back to see what was happening, HPD released him to me without charges.  It helps to be nice to COPS

Before they got married, Pascale & Ted tried a Solo Jump Course together at Vancouver Skydiving in Abbotsford, BC  I don't think Ted will likely try it again.  There's also video of Pascale doing some Trapeze exercise in Whistler, BC

Below is a video message from Anthony that Pascale sent me while I was in Hospital, It made my week at least.

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