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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Life in Langley, BC- TSB Final Report A08P0242—Uncontrolled Descent into Terrain

Well I was in a bad plane crash on Sunday Aug 3rd 2008 at 1521hrs Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) a day that will live in infamy and I'm now out of Re-Hab for good and living in Richmond, BC.  I started work at Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC the company I co-founded in 2005 two half-days a week Monday & Friday in 2010 and Dec 2011 I started 3 full days a week and I'm back on payroll. I now work 5 days a week,  I love it, it gets me out of the House,  Hopefully in the not too distant future I can get back to my original position as the Director of Security Solutions

It was my 1857 skydive and my 4th jump of the day in a King Air 100 when all of a sudden at 3900' one of the Rolls Royce engin died due to a fuel pump problem, unfortunately the pilot shut the good engin off by mistake,  both turbo propellers stopped turning.  There was only 7 skydivers on board which normally fits 14 skydivers and a pilot.  On impact there was a tandem lady who suffered a broken pelvis, most other people had a broken arm or broken leg.  On the first impact with the ground the main landing wheels broke clean off, it hit an earth berm, bounced, flip 180 degrees and all the passengers fell on me being in the back, maybe they wanted to cuddle. A few of the jumpers were wondering why I didn't jump when one engine failed, I think Rob Warner hit it bang on, he says I was probably waiting for the order to go or green light, which didn't come as the pilot had his hands busy trying to keep it level, One time that my Army training worked against me. Thanks to the Flying Skills of the Pilot Ian Flanagan we crash landed in a Cranberry field next to the main runway in Pitt Meadows, BC.  It could have been much worst. I was the most injured, I was airlifted to VGH where they repaired the compound fracture and MRI revealed that I suffered two broken vertabrae C-4 and C-7, six broken ribs and a compound fracture on my right forearm where the bone was sticking out of the skin and the people fell on me and crushed one part of the bone.  I was induced into a Coma for several weeks, they transferred me to Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH)Trauma Unit on the 5th floor for several months.  I heard a priest came by my Hospital room to give me my last rites because they didn't think I was going to make it that night and my brother Emile told the priest that he wasn't ready and told him to get the hell out of my hospital room and never come back.  I only remember waking up at RCH and it was the start of a long recovery process.  It took me 3-4 days just to learn how to walk again

2nd Hospital, 3rd Month at RCH(Royal Columbian Hospital)

One of my most important hobby had been Skydiving Photography, to the point that it almost cost me my life on that fateful day Aug 3rd 2008.  I have to thank Eileen Vaughan who was my AFF/PFF instructor at Skydive Gananoque, Ontario Website where I got bitten by the skydive Bug.  I recommended to her to join the Reserve and apply to the CF(Canadian Forces) Skyhawks Parachute team, she did for 1986, 87, 89, and took the team to new heights, she was already a Skydive Champion at Gananoque, Ontario DZ(Drop Zone) she now has  4378 jumps, now a Major in the Regular Forces since 1999, although it was Michel Denis that introduce the Skyhawks to CReW she certainly encouraged them.  Special thanks goes to my brother Emile Forest who stood by me when my plane crash happen during and after.  His Son my Nephew Jason had just gotten married to Della Klemenz on July 12th prior to my crash, he had to patiently wait for me to finish his video, good news is that I'm done he finally got his video and photos that I took in a Book that I published on-line using thanks to a good Friend Rod Gregg a former Forensic Video Analyst with the Dallas, Texas FBI that put me on to  Thanks goes to my friends Pascale Giattini(Papousse) that came from Kauai Hawaii twice with her son my Godson Anthony to visit me in Hospital, Mélanie Fitzback(Anthony's God Mother), skydiving friends Dave Davison who has been there for me when I was in Hospital and recovering, Also thanks to Debbie who visited me in Hospital with Gord Allan, Dave Huntington, Kat Bachmeier, Colin Comeau AKA."Paco", Taras Kostyuk and many more, My President & CEO Alexander Fernandes who not only visited me in the trauma Unit he actually went and got me some clothes while I was in Hospital, I will be forever grateful.  Sandra Dussault who created a nice website for everyone to leave their wishes while I was recovering   Also Special Thanks to the Staff at Royal Columbian Hospital(RCH) 5th floor trauma unit who kepted me in one piece.
 Photo Book of my Nephew Jason's wedding to Della that I published on-line using
 Photo Book 438 pages of my Digital Photographs Portfolio that I published on-line using most of the people that visited me in the Trauma unit regularly should have received the above book.
 Crystal(Golden Lab) and me preparing to go for a walk, Crystal belongs to Connect Community Re-Hab

Joanne Behan one of the Care Taker at the Re-Hab House I use to live at, takes a photo with me before we went out to Downtown Vancouver Yale-town Avigilon Corporation office where we met our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes and our CFO Wan Jung and they treated us to lunch in Yale-town

Royal Columbian Hospital New Westminster, BC Website 

Eileen Vaughan

Eileen Vaughan 

Canadian Forces Skyhawks Parachute team Website

2001 Skyhawks Team

Skyhawks 1985 Parachute Team

My Injuries:

C4 Anterior / inferior end plate (C - cervical spine)
C7 Spinous process fracture
Right occipital condyle fracture
Right side 1-5 rib fractures
Left side 1st rib fracture
Open Right ulnar fracture
Small subarachnoid hemorrhage

I had sustained a "Traumatic Brain Injury"

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My New address:
Jean-Pierre(J-P) Forest, CPP
Unit 32, 6300 Birch St.
Richmond, BC  

V6Y 4K3

Tel. Home: 
(604) 644-3406

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