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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The woman that I love

If I'm gonna talk about a woman that broke my heart I might as well talk about a woman that I love to this day and I consider a good friend.  Jamie Eason now Middleton  from Texas, Cypress Texas to be exact.  She's a breast Cancer survivor and someone I look up to.  Here are some photos of Jamie Eason cover and us together at a SFP Photography seminar by fame photographer Walt Ostarly in Stuart Florida and Jamie & me in Las Vegas Nevada.  Jamie is now married to Michael Middleton and recently delivered their second baby boy,  all the best to the new Middleton family.

Below are just 15 of the magazines she's been on the cover and it's less than 1% of them.

Before my plane crash, I actually made a skydive with the magazine above,  the above picture of us in the plane at the bottom of the webpage that my friend Sandra Dussault created for me after my crash.

This is Fame Photographer Walt Ostarlty and his wife Gina with Jamie Eason  It was the best SFP Photography seminar I've been to

Jamie and me when we went to see "Zumanity" by Cirque du Soleil at the Belagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I think we look like a nice couple together, wishful thinking on my part

Notice we are both wearing a Parachute pin for a necklace,  I hope she tries skydiving one day and Hope to be there with her when she does.  Sandra Dussault had made the Parachute pin necklaces

Below is e-mail Jamie sent my brother Emile after the crash, I hope to see her again also.

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