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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Busy day Today Wednesday 30 March 2011


Well today is not a bad day,  as every wednesday I go Horseback riding for 1/2 hour and I Love horses and the best part of it is that Worksafe BC is paying for it all,  Thanks Pat MacIntosh.  At Riding I saw my old caretaker Beryl Morel from South House at Connect Community Re-Hab, She sends her regards to my Brother Emile, my niece Kimberly and family,  Beryl has always been nice to us.  Also later today I'm going to do my measurements for my Freefly suit by Ouragan Inc with André Bérubé and his staff via SKYPE  I love technology.  I'll keep you posted.   I'm going to introduce 2 friends that are following my BLOG first my old Boss when I left the Canadian Forces I went to work for Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie, NB and my boss at the time was Hector Boudreau which now lives in Shannon Quebec and what a coincidence is that  Mélanie Fitzback another friend that follows my BLOG she's the Godmother of Anthony and an old roommate and she is an interior Decorator in Montreal but she is originally from Shannon Quebec where Hector lives.  The coincidence is that Hector is writing a new Software for Interior decorators in 3D So Mélanie will probably need the 3D software that my friend Hector Boudreau is designing for interior Decorators,  I hope they do business together.  
Hector Boudreau

Working with me at Enseignes Luminex was another high school friend that joined the Canadian Forces with me Jean-Luc Losier he didn't stay in the forces but worked at Luminex with me and Hector.  Jean-Luc Losier now works for Federal Corrections at Renous Maximum Security Prison in Renous, NB.  So this is my 6 degrees of separation.
Above my good friend Jean-Luc Losier

Above is YouTube videos of Allan Leger that was serving life in Prison for killing a store attendant near Chatam, NB and he escaped while on a escorted Medical visit at Moncton Hospital, as a Military Policeman in CFB Chatam we were on the lookout for him, and he got apprehended after a long manhunt when I just got out of the Canadian Forces, while he was out "On The Lam"he killed 4 other people, including a nun that he raped and set fire to in her bed, a priest and others, it's too bad we don't have the Death Penalty in Canada, he could have been the "Poster Child" for it.

Zizanie restaurant that Mélanie Fitzback and Isabelle Paulin use to have on East Broadway and then they moved it on West 7th in Vancouver.  Good memories
Exact same spot where the Zizanie use to be, it's now "rhizome" café  It is a Vegetarian restaurant I will not be a client for sure, "Where's the Beef?"

Above 4 photos are screen grabs of the website that is now close
Above is an Article that appeared in the Vancouver Courier about La Zizanie

 Above 2 Newspaper article on the Zizanie, first one in French, second in English 
first one mentions me:-)

Mélanie Fitzback Business cards for the Zizanie Restaurant

I always loved being at the Zizanie,  I was always surrounded by beautiful woman

Isabelle Paulin & Mélanie Fitzback

Guertin Design Website

Mélanie and Isabelle also use to work at Wreck Beach where they ran the Juice Bar and they had a lot of fun there.

La Gang de Wreck Beach fait un Skydive Tandem a Abbotsford, C-B

Well my measurements on SKYPE went well I guess having someone help to take the measurements I grew a couple of inches.  Thanks Mike Garing, André Bérubé  and his staff

Talking about my Friends in Tracadie NB,  I have to talk about my second family the Losier family.  Their Mom Éliette Losier is like my second Mom,  When I played Pee Wee hockey with the Boys she  got me all my Hockey equipment, skates, pads, gloves uniform and everything, I call her "Maman" Losier, she is a great golfer and I'm sad I didn't get to see her this summer, but  I will on my next trip for sure.  Their oldest son Jean-Luc is a great friend, we played trumpet in the Air Cadets band together and he joined the Canadian Forces with me, he also worked at Enseigne LUMINEX Signs with me and Hector Boudreau, now he works for Federal Corrections at Renous Maximum Security Prison in New Brunswick.  Below is a message they left on my Website that was created by Sandra Dussault

November 12, 2008

Salut Jean-Pierre,

Notre petite famille Losier pense à toi chaque jour pour t'envoyer de l'énergie positive à ta guérison rapide et complète. Dans toutes les personnes que je connais dans le monde si il y a une personne capable de surmonter cette situation et bien c'est bien Jean-Pierre Forest. On se renseigne régulièrement sur tes progrès et la page web nous donne justement une bonne lecture. Si Jean-Pierre est capable de transformer une fosse septique en 2 bonne bières savoureuses alors je pense que tu est capable de remonter la pente avec du courage et de la persévérence....
salut Jean-Pierre,
de toute la famille Losier (Serge, Jean-Luc, Éliette, Robert, Marie-Josée)

Marie-Josée(Dou Dou)

Above is a JamDoggz video directed by Marie-Josée and produced by her Fiancée Dr. Chokk called "Formula for Love"

Serge(Mr. Guerre)

Here we were at Robert(Pipo)'s wedding in Montreal, Serge(Mr. Guerre) and Marie-Josée(Dou Dou) looked all happy.

Robert(Pipo) le Dentiste

Roberto Dionne
Roberto Dionne

Above is my great friend Roberto Dionne that use to be the Director of Commercial Accounts for The National Bank in Tracadie, NB and was our Banker at Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie, NB.  Part of my Job at Luminex was working collections for all the customers that didn't pay on time,  I would go to their office collect the money owed and Hector would deposit it at the National Bank.  Now Roberto is with Desjardins in Quebec, he is a great guy, he went out briefly with my good friend Gene Wade in Tracadie, NB.    We use to go boating with him all the time.  Unfortunately he didn't have the chance to come down and see me this Mid-July, but I'm sure we'll see each other again.

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