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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Talking about Tracadie

I guess talking about my friends from Tracadie I have to mention the Wade family.  Robert Wade is a long time fisherman in Tracadie that built his own boat from scratch from steaming the wood so it could bend to every nail and his wife Réjeanne was my English Teacher in High School.  Their Daughters are very good friends Gene Wade as always been there for me she's been working at the same florist shop "Fleuriste Léonard" for decades her sister Glenda also works there. They never let me forget when it's time to send flowers to my Mom.  Their son Steve is also a fisherman and Jack of all Trades.  Here's pictures of their fishing boat the Midnight Cruiser and them

Steve Wade preparing Lobster traps

Steve Wade and his Dad Robert in their Boat

Steve Wade "Jack of All Trades"

 My Good Friend Gene Wade The Florist

 Her Sister Glenda Wade also a Florist

Their mom Réjeanne Wade who was my English teacher in High School

Fleuriste Léonard Ltée Flower Shop

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