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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Not the best day at Avigilon Corporation Wednesday 25 Jan 2012

This Morning  I drove Myself  to  Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC with my Honda Accord and my new Garmin GPS.  I left work early today as I wasn't feeling well lots of "heartburns", I was dry heaving several times at work nothing came out and Manny & Spencer told me that I must be getting the Flu that several people got in the Richmond office.  So I got the rest of the day off, and returned to Langley to get a couple hours of rest laying down and it seemed to have worked.  I actually stopped 3 times during the drive back to throw-up, then it worked it mostly all came out and it felt so good.  Sorry, I didn't keep  any of it for you guys.   I feel much better,  I took a drive to Pitt Meadows and took photos for the movers,  I'll post it on my next BLOG entry.  I'll  spend one last night at Jan's Place(JP) they won't mind.  I'm off tomorrow and I'll finish my move to Pitt Meadows then, no rush I have the apartment in Pitt Meadows for the next 2 months anyhow.  

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