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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Back at Re-Hab House in Langley

Hi all,

This Saturday I went to my apartment in Pitt Meadows by BC Transit Bus with my Cat Kurbitten.  There was snow on the ground, I have no idea Who ordered that, not me for sure.  If I do move out of Vancouver, I'll buy a Snow Shovel, put it on the roof of my car  and keep driving South towards South America,  The first Place that I stop for Gas, and they ask me What's that thing for?  I'll know I can settle there. Now that I got my Drivers Licence back I was shopping on-line for a small used car like a Honda Accord, but I came across something very Rare,  I use to have one brand new in 1984  and I had over 350 000 kms on it when I got ride of it in 1990 when I moved to B.C.  A Pontiac Fiero, they stopped making them in 1988, but because the engine is aluminium and the Body totally made from Plastic by None other than Mattel Toys, they last forever.  I saw two in BC, there's an 1988 one that is also Black, and I saw a beautiful one  that is a 1986, but get this it is a Convertible,  they never made convertibles,  This one was custom made with custom leather interior fully loaded and is also Black,  won several awards he had it appraised at $16,000.00 but is only asking $8450.00 for it,  it is very tempting,  there not a practical car, because there's only  two seats,  but it is a fun car and it will bring back good memories,  I sent an e-mail to both,  whichever one answers me first I'll buy their car.  If I don't get an answer from either Blach Fiero owners by this afternoon,  I'll contacts the owner of the Red one(last set) and will buy his.  Kurbitten was no help shopping for a car, when it came time to come back at Re-Hab, she was hiding under the Bed.  Below are the photos of the cars on craigslist.

 Below is the plain 1988

Below is another contender but it is Red 1987

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