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Monday, 16 January 2012

Another Great day at Avigilon Corporation Monday 16 Jan 2012

This Morning  I took a Cab by Myself  to  Avigilon Corporation in Richmond, BC.  Thanks Pat MacIntosh. I worked there by myself for a full day for lunch Yash Kapoor came by we walked to Sandwich Tree Restaurant which is awful food, but they had WiFi and I wanted to check my e-mails,  I had what they Call Beef Dip, nothing to write home about.   Yash returned to his duties after lunch he just came to check on me,  he does that for WorkSafe BC As I mentioned in earlier post I wanted to get a Pontiac Fiero, but I heard from all my Re-Hab workers that I should get something with  an Air Bag  I guess majority wins, I contacted all the Fiero owners and told them of my decision and they understood.  I hear BMW cabriolet has airbags,  I'll see.

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